Dental Equipment Repair Business Requirements

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If you are interested in training to operate your own dental equipment repair business, there are some tools of the trade that will be necessary for operation. There are many influencing factors involved with running your own successful operating business, such as a means of transporting equipment, a contract, license, registration, and more.


Check out some of the top dental equipment repair business requirements below! 


  • A vehicle to operate out of, preferably an SUV, Mini-van, or Van. It doesn't have to be fancy but it must be able to hold the supplies needed while in the field.

  • Cell phone


  • A laptop/tablet with Wi-Fi capability

  • Basic hand tools. We will provide you a list of tools, available at your local hardware store. The unique and specialty tools necessary for certain repairs are given to each student to take with them at the end of the training. We also have a starter parts inventory list. You may purchase these through us at a reduced rate or directly from the manufacturers once you have established accounts with them.

  • If you are operating your own business, you will also need a state business license. This will allow you to buy wholesale and charge any applicable sales tax. This is very easy to apply for and obtain.

  • A credit or debit card is required when ordering parts from most wholesale parts providers. Once you have your business license, you will be able to obtain a business bank account and set up a credit card processing account to accept credit card payments. 

Our training courses and programs will help prepare you for starting your own successful business operation. Call MiTek at (800) 811-4350 for more information about dental equipment repair business requirements. We can help you start the application process today!