Dental Sterilizer Repair Course 

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Learn Dental Sterilizer Repair

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Expand your Current Business or Start a New One!


We now offer a dental sterilizer repair course at MiTek! Sterilizers are an integral component of every Dental Office. They offer a safe and efficient way to sanitize instruments and equipment. Dental sterilizers use steam or dry heat at high temperatures to sanitize instruments and equipment. Proper instrument sterilization is critical to ensure the protection of patients and staff members from infectious diseases. Without a correctly operating sterilizer, an office will be required to stop providing service causing a loss of revenue and patient disruption.

Learn to repair them in less than a week at our training course! And, you can have a new business or add a service to your current equipment business to greatly increase your revenue. You’ll be able to confidently assess their equipment failure, provide or order parts, repair equipment, and get your client’s business back to work. After completing our training course, you’ll learn how to quickly service a variety of sterilizer manufacturers. This will keep your clients and their patients happy. Increasing service capabilities will enhance your professional skill set and advance your dental equipment repair business offerings and prove valuable to clients.

As a dental sterilizer repair technician, you work with business professionals in need of your services. Offering reliable, trusted, and essential services will allow you to build relationships with doctors and staff that will last for years to come.

*Average sterilizer repair is $700*

Additional training will help you launch your business and obtain your career goals. Come train with MiTek, the first and only independent dental equipment repair program. Call us at (800) 811-4350 for more information about our new dental sterilizer repair course and sign up today!