The training went really well. I could not have asked for a better trainer than Tim. Tim was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business, from technical thru marketing. To be honest, I was a little nervous before I got there. I didn't think I could get much out of technical training in two weeks, let alone learn how to operate the business too. How wrong was I... I came there with zero knowledge of the industry and after I left there I learned a new trade that I believe will have a major impact in my new business venture and my livelihood. I am excited about my potential for this year and beyond.

--Tom H. (California): MiTek Graduate

Tim is very knowledgeable in this industry and extremely easy to work with! Great connections, hands-on training, and reference materials. Highly recommend:)

--James S. (Florida): MiTek Graduate

Tim and Kara are a great help if you are looking to enter this niche industry. Tim provides great training to introduce you with the most common issues of dental equipment.  Awesome training location, you will not be disappointed.
I have many years of field service repairs in a different field. I have learned most of your learning comes from hands-on being in the field. Tim gets you ready to go out and start your business. Need a little help, Tim has been there each time via text or phone to help. This was my main concern because in 2 weeks you cannot learn everything, but with Tim, and his supplied manufacturers who are willing to help, you will work your way through the issues. After a few repairs your comfort level increases, eventually you are able work it alone. 
Kara starts you off with a direct mail flyer to dentist offices in your area. I was able to obtain  jobs right away with the flyer. Be prepared to continue advertising, and visiting offices in order to build your business.
I looked into a franchise that also provided a similar program. In my opinion Mitek is the way to go. If I had gone the Franchise route I would have broke even or lost money, with Tim I was able to make a profit the first month. My only costs were gas (driving a prius), insurance ($55 a month), and time (which I had a lot of).
Try to find the rates of other independent repair businesses in your area in order to obtain your value in the market. Charge too high you lose a customer, charge too low you lose money, there is a happy medium. Some areas are better than others and it will be your job to find the happy medium.
Great Industry ripe for those with the desire!


Randy C. (Florida): MiTek Graduate

Joe-Tim Certificate Pic-Crop.jpg

Working as a Dental Hygienist I am familiar with the equipment. I have also had to do quite a few repairs using the brute force method of replacing or exchanging components until the problem is fixed. The training I received at MiTek from Tim is invaluable. You learn how a piece of equipment operates and how each component works in that system. This knowledge allows you to diagnose a problem thoroughly and accurately. Tim's hard won knowledge of the industry from contacts to suppliers to parts recommendations will streamline your business set-up process. The office calls were wonderful. You get to see how the interaction between repair tech and dental office staff is set up and nurtured over time. Quality works develops the trust necessary for this business to thrive and Tim insists on quality. At the MiTek facility the opportunity to break down equipment and work through the actual diagnosis and repair gives you exposure to what the actual work will be like. My fingertips will never be the same and those of you who have been thru the program know what I'm talking about. I highly recommend the MiTek Dental Equipment Repair-Training Program.

Joe T. (California): Mitek Graduate