Dental Equipment Repair Business Opportunities 

The Dental Equipment Repair Business Opportunity Full Course = All Equipment 

DENTAL EQUIPMENT SALES & REPAIR: Your business opportunity awaits.

There are over 150,000 Dental Offices in the U.S. with approximately 4,000 more opening every year. Every office has equipment that must be serviced, repaired, and replaced on a regular basis. While many technically-minded professionals think to train in HVAC repair or automotive mechanics, dental equipment repair remains a niche industry ripe for opportunity for those who have the skills needed.

When working with Dental offices you’ll only be working with
business professionals – Dr’s who Need Your Services

The collection of invoices is rarely if ever a problem because they need you to come back time and again. Offices normally need repairs every few weeks, depending on the size of the practice and age of the equipment being used.

You’ll build a relationship with the Dr’s and staff and they’ll come to rely on and trust in your ability to keep them running day in and day out for many years. That’s just the beginning of your business.

Compressors, Chairs, Lights, Autoclaves and more – All need to be replaced or upgraded occasionally, and that’s where your services and expertise are needed again. Dr’s and staff rely on their Equipment Technician to help them determine when their equipment has reached the end of its serviceable life.

As an Independent Repair Technician and Equipment Sales Representative, you will be uniquely positioned to promote the products you can provide, and the continued support of your products and equipment from the company and technician they trust… YOU! The profit on new and used equipment is decided by you and is typically double the wholesale cost.  CLICK HERE to view retail pricing on a variety of dental equipment from one of our dealers.

That’s still early in the business and there is so much more!!! Dental equipment repair business training will launch you and your business opportunities—the only thing limiting you will be your drive and imagination. Come train with the first and only Independent Dental Equipment Repair company.

We are not a franchise, nor are we selling you a business.

You receive the training, materials, and contacts to start your own business with NO territorial limits, No Franchise, No Licensing or any other fees.

You decide the Area you want to cover, Fees you’ll charge, Schedule you want to keep, Employees you want to hire. Our 15-day training program is designed to get you started quickly in your own Dental Equipment Supply and Repair business.

We give you unlimited phone/text and email support. Plus, access to our closed Facebook page. Most individuals start out with their car and a cell phone.

You don’t need a big shiny expensive van; An SUV or Minivan is great.

You will not need an office or a warehouse; A garage or small work area with a bench is sufficient.

We train at a dedicated training facility where everything you need for your 15-day stay, including transportation to and from Chicago Airports and/or parking, is included for one low price.

Private room with internet and cable TV, 3 meals a day, snacks, beverages, free laundry facilities, exercise room, outdoor activities and more.

Since training is held at the site no rental car is needed. When we do travel to dental offices, you will travel with your instructor so there is no need for a vehicle.

So, are you looking for a profession that offers business opportunities and growth? MiTek-trained graduates have the knowledge and tools to prepare you to feel confident beginning your new career in the Dental Equipment Repair business. 

Come train with us and learn to start your own Dental Equipment Repair Business

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You will receive:

Training on how to go into a Dental Office, Speak to the staff, Evaluate the equipment, Identify the problem, Acquire the parts needed, Repair the equipment.

A list of manufacturers and wholesalers that need you to Sell their equipment and parts for a price and profit that you decide on.

A Set of repair and maintenance manuals for all types of dental equipment. A Set of specialty tools unique to dental equipment repair.

Ideas to grow your business that will keep you expanding for years to come.

List of hand tools you’ll need that are available at your local hardware ($600 average cost}

List of Starter Repair and Replacement Parts which you can purchase through us or as your first purchases from your equipment suppliers. Normally around $1600 but you can purchase a bare minimum for less.

You will be trained on the following pieces of equipment:

Patient Chairs

Delivery units

Assistants groups

Operatory lights

Cavitrons and prophy jets


Lab equipment


Vacuum pumps

X-ray units

Film processors

And more!

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